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VPOS Transaction Statuses

AUTHORIZED: Approved Transaction
AUTHORISED-EXPIRED: Preauthorized Transaction which has expired.
CAPTURED : Successful Transaction for payments and for capture of pre-auth transactions
COMPLETE: Successful transaction for token creation
CAPTURED PARTIALLY: Successful Capture of Pre-auth where Capture amount < authorization amount
PREPROCESS: The transaction has been initiated, the payer is in payment page’s environment
INAUTHENTICATION: 3D Authentication has been initiated
CANCELLED : Payer cancelled the transaction
ERROR: Transaction has not been completed due to systemic errors
REFUSED: Rejected transaction
REFUNDED: Total amount has returned to payer
REFUNDED PARTIALLY: Partial amount has returned to payer
REVERSED: Merchant cancelled the pre-auth transaction
VOID: payment/capture of preauth transaction which has been cancelled by the merchant

Authorization Response Codes (ISO Response Codes)

Below are available all the possible iso response code a transaction may receive will the Authorisation process has been initiated.

00- Approved
01- Refer to card issuer
02- Refer to special conditions for card issuer
03- Invalid merchant
04- Pick-up
05- Do not honor
06- Unable to process transaction
07- Pick-up card, special condition
08- Honor with identification
09- Duplicate transaction
11- Approved VIP
12- Invalid transaction
13- Invalid amount
14- Invalid card number (nosuch number)
15- No such issuer
17- Reconciliation error
30- Format error
31- No sharing
33- Expired card
34- Capture (fraud)
35- Contact acquirer
36- Restricted card
37- Call acquirer security
38- Allowable PIN tries exceeded
39- Decline (no credit)
41- Lost or stolen card
43- Stolen card, pick up
51- Not sufficient fund
54- Expired card
55- Invalid PIN
56- No record found
57- Transaction not permitted to cardholder
58- Transaction not permitted to terminal
61- Amount over maximum
62- Restricted card
65- Exceeds withdrawal frequency limit
68- Timed out
75- PIN tries exceeded
87- Bad track data
90- Cut-off in process
91- Issuer or switch is inoperative
94- Duplicate transaction
96- Unable to process
N0- Unable to authorize
N2- Preauthorization full
N3- Maximum online refund reached
N5- Maximum credit per refund reached
N8- Over floor limit
N9- Maximum number refund credits
P1- Over daily limit
Q0- Invalid transaction date
Q1- Invalid expiration date
Q4- Number of times used
Q6- Over limit table
Q7- Amount over maximum
T3- Card not supported
T4- Amount over maximum

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