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Software Developers
We make sure your customers’ payment information is transported safely and securely
Deliver value with high quality APIs

Up to date API documentation, clear guidelines for test app registration, sample code and much more

Developer friendly experience

Sign-up, get access and start working in just a few minutes, through an automated process and without the need of intermediates

Great test environmets

Safely test in our sandbox, get error notifications, API uptime, analytics and much more

Create new business opportunities with the safeguarded Cardlink’s e-Commerce platform and integrate features that help your business grow
Time saving
Money saving
Transparency on implementation

Explore our integration models

Our payment gateway platform accepts payments supporting major cards schemes and provides different types of integration methods to better serve clients specific needs.

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In just 3 easy steps


Register for an account, create an app, Connect to an API

Choose an API

Use the sandbox to experiment, then code and test against the provided test data.

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With just a click, Cardlink is informed that you are ready to go Live!