Technical Questions

I click on the Link of Form action post url and it shows me the error "Invalid merchant id null"

The post URL is not visitable. In that URL you need to post the request message with specific parameters and values to open the payment page.

I am trying to make a transaction and I get the error "Invalid orderid (duplicate)".

The order id must be unique for each request posted to ecommerce platform.

I am trying to perform a test and it shows me "Security error invalid digest".

This error means that the digest value has not been calculated according to the documentation and can be caused by many factors. Indicatively:

1) Wrong collation of variables in the calculation of the Normalized string

2) Wrong name of parameter(s)

3) Issue with the coding of the characters in the parameters’ values (e.g. Greek or special characters)

4) If any of the above does not apply send us an email to with the order id of the transaction as well as the mid of the business, in order to help you with the resolution of this error.

I am trying to perform a test and I get the error "Merchant not found in system".

You need to confirm that you are posting your request to the correct URL, based on the business partner of the application you have created and the platform’s environment you are trying to execute the transaction (test/production)

If you are using a plug in, make sure you have chosen the correct acquirer in its settings, along with the respective environment (test/production).

Most commonly, that error appears either because of the selection of the wrong acquirer and the respective platform’s environment (test/production)

You can also check if you have left a space character before, after or throughout the field when entering the mid value.

What do I need to send installments in a transaction?

To trade installments, your request to the platform must contain the parameters extInstallmentoffset and extInstallmentperiod.

The extInstallmentoffset must always be filled in with a value of 0, while the extInstallmentperiod with a value from 2 to x (where x= the maximum number of installments applied in your MID) depending on the number of installments you want to send.

For example, for a transaction with 6 installments, the values ​​are sent as follows: extInstallmentoffset = 0, extInstallmentperiod = 6. For a transaction without installments, you must not send any of the above 2 parameters.

For the calculation of the digest, all the values ​​of the parameters included in the form to be sent need to be taken into account.

We have changed the hosting server of our website and as a result the IP from which the requests are sent to the payment platform of the bank has also changed.

From our side no action is required as the platform does not perform any control at IP level.

Please confirm that you have the secret key available in case you need to re-enter it to your system after the changes in your server.

We changed the domain of the company. What do you need from your side?

Technically, from the platform side no change is required, as no domain level control is performed.

However, the company needs to inform its cooperation bank about that change.

We proceeded to install ssl on our page

No additional action is required on our part, the payments can continue as there is no relevant control at the domain level by the platform.
ConfirmUrl and CancelUrl are defined by you through the request you send to the payment page.

The company should inform its cooperation bank for the installation of ssl.

I don't receive the responses for the transactions in my system

There are cases where the response message do not reach merchant’s system, indicatively when the customer closes the browser or faces a connectivity issue.

For such cases, you can use Background Confirmation.

Through that service, a copy of the initial response message is being sent directly to the respective URL through server to server communication, within 2 minutes, avoiding that way the redirection.
You can also set a separate URL to receive those messages.

Background confirmation does not change the integration already in place, so there is no separate manual.

From your side, you need to be able to handle multiple responses for the same order.